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Former Arizona Cardinals lineman joins military

Daryn Colledge follows in the steps of Pat Tillman.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cartdinals fans always remember Pat Tillman, who is immortalized outside University of Phoenix Stadium with a statue.' He turned down a big NFL contract to go join the military. He would later give his life while on active duty and is a symbol of heroism in our country.

Former Cardinals offensive lineman Daryn Colledge is following in Tillman's footsteps in a way.

Colledge retired from the NFL after the 2014 season, but now has decided to join the Army National Guard.

It isn't quite the same thing as what Tillman did, but it is every bit as noble. At 34, he is still young for the normal world. He has made a bunch of money and there are many elements of the armed forces that a former football player are already made for.

One thing many players miss after retirement is the brotherhood and camaraderie of a locker room and how a team is. He will be able to experience that again in his military service.

It is an honorable thing to do and it would be great to see more former players do this. He isn't looking for the limelight, but he feels obligated to do something bigger. Football is big and important for us, but it isn't meaningful. What Colledge will do is.