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2016 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals reportedly to work out quarterbacks Dak Prescott, Jeff Driskel

More draft talk that might not mean anything.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are preparing for a world without quarterback Carson Palmer. They are looking at young quarterbacks they could draft. They might not draft one this year, but it is a possibility. We have heard some names the Cardinals could be interested in, but now there are reports of some players who are coming to work out for Arizona this week.

According to Ian Rapoport, Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott is coming to Arizona Wednesday, while Florida's Jeff Driskel is reportedly coming later this week.

According to Mike Jurecki, Ohio State's Cardale Jones will also be visiting later on down the road.

What does this all mean?

It means the Cardinals are doing their homework, not that they particularly have targeted these players as guys they will draft.

Remember the private workout the Cardinals had with Blaine Gabbert way back when? They passed on him.

In 2013 and 2014, they looked at Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib, Geno Smith, Matt Scott, Landry Jones, Zach Mettenberger and Logan Thomas. They only drafted Thomas, although they did end up trading for Matt Barkley last year, and he is with the team now.

It shows they have some interest in these players. How much? Who knows? And when they do have them for a workout, that interest might or might not continue.

It is interesting, though, to find out who the Cardinals are actually looking at as opposed to names we hear who are potential targets. Cardale Jones, for example, is a guy whose name has come up from different reporters and who will also supposedly come in for a visit. That sounds like real interest.

Who else will come up in the weeks to come? That's part of the fun this time of year.