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Tribute to Jess Root: Happy Birthday!

Today Jess Root celebrates his birthday!

Happy birthday Senior Root!
Happy birthday Senior Root!

Today our humble and hardworking editor is celebrating his birthday! Today we give tribute to Jess for all his hard work, dedication and professionalism over these last these five years

For those of you don't know, Jess is a Spanish teacher, a husband, a father and an active member of his local church as well as running this joint and dealing with us all day! I don't know about you but it makes me feel pretty lazy in comparison!

I've been a part of ROTB for a while now and it's been journey to see what the Cardinals and the website once were to what they are now. Jess, like Steve Keim, has turned this website into the go-to place for Cardinals news. He even convinced me to came back on a one-year deal with no bonus money, no guarantee... and well basically for free
(my agent assured me that this one year deal would lead to a bigger deal next year). I think even Gungus would agree that's a good contract! Jess's hard work is seen in the constant supply of articles he writes everyday and how he has grown the staff while maintaining the community feel of the blog.

Here's to you Jess, thanks for everything and kudos on a great job!