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Arizona Cardinals never made any offer to Rashad Johnson

The team was ready to move on.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals lost safety Rashad Johnson in free agency to the Tennessee Titans on Friday when he agreed to a one=year contract. However, it appears the Cardinals made zero attempt to resign him'.

Johnson was a guest on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM in Phoenix after he announced he was headed to Tennessee and he indicated he wanted to stay with the Cardinals, but there was never an opportunity.

"When it came down to the offers and things of that nature, the Cardinals weren't in the picture," Johnson said. "I mean, no offense to their vision and what they want to do with the team this coming season, but I received no offer from the Cardinals.

"So there wasn't even an option for me to come back here."

Johnson had played seven seasons for Arizona and was considered "the glue" holding them defense together. However, now at age 30, the Cardinals were looking for someone who could defend one-on-one better.

While Johnson knew he wasn't returning, fans got the picture after the team signed safety Tyvpn Branch in free agency, Branch is a little taller and is faster and he can cover tight ends pretty well. Johnson will play in Dick LeBeau's defense in Tennessee, a defense he should understand, having played under Ray Horton when he was Arizona's defensive coordinator.