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Arizona Cardinals news 3/27: Videos of the week, Peterson reacts to Johnson's departure

Cardinals news for a Sunday morning.

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Rashad Johnson's Cardinals career
Highlights from the career of safety Rashad Johnson

Cards Daily - Breakfast with BA
Paul Calvisi brings you the latest news and notes from head coach Bruce Arians at the NFL owners' meetings.

Cards Underground - Offseason Report

Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Kyle Odegard talk about the latest offseason news and notes.

Johnson: 'The best decision was to stay here'

RB Chris Johnson discusses his thoughts on remaining a Cardinal on Tuesday after signing his contract.

Bidwill talks about possible rule changes

Cardinals President Michael Bidwill talks about possible rule changes for the 2016 season.

Boivin: Arizona Cardinals must consider drafting QB in 1st round

Color me intrigued about what the Cardinals may do with their 29th pick in a draft that is just about a month away.

Bruce Arians 'shocked' some players took less money to re-sign with Cardinals - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

Bruce Arians was proud that Chris Johnson and Jermaine Gresham put pursuit of a ring over money, but said turning down millions is "kinda crazy."

Patrick Peterson on Rashad Johnson: "The guy was a true, true warrior" - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

Johnson won’t be around to team up with Peterson for his sixth year. Instead, Johnson will be wreaking havoc in the Tennessee Titans’ secondary next season, after he signed with them for one season.