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Bruce Arians shocked by some offseason moves

Some things are a surprise even to the head coach.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have had quite the haul in the offseason. They re-signed many of their key players. They traded for Chandler Jones and they added Evan Mathis and Tyvon Branch.

Even head coach Bruce Arians is a bit surprised.

Both tight end Jermaine Gresham and running back Chris Johnson turned down bigger contracts to return to Arizona on one-year deals. Johnson turned down roughly twice what the Cardinals offered and Gresham turned down a four--year, $23 million contract with $12 million guaranteed.

"I was shocked," Arians said via ESPN. "I've only been in this about 22 years. You don't turn down $12 million guaranteed for $2.5 million."

The Jones trade for a second round pick and disappointing guard Jonathan Cooper was just as shocking.

"It's kinda like a guy turning down $12 million and coming back," Arians quipped. "It's kinda crazy."

Arians wanted to bring back guys from last year and add a pass rusher. He has gotten his wish. Once he is over the shock, he in in a position to make something great happen in 2016.