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2016 NFL draft: Should the Arizona Cardinals trade back?

There are proposed options.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Arizona Cardinals do not have a second round pick and they have a late first round selection, there has been talk of perhaps trading back into the second round and getting extra picks. Would it be worth it?

On a FanSpeak On the Clock simulation, I was given a couple of trade proposals. One would be to trade with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and trade the first round pick at 29 for their second round pick (the eighth pick in the round) and their third rounder -- the 10th pick in the round.

Another would be to take Indianapolis' second round pick (number 17) and their fourth and fifth round picks (number 16 and 18) for the pick.

I chose to go with the higher pick for this.

Here is who was available with the Tampa second round pick.

You could go with the edge player in Ogbah or a number of other players. Plus the Cardinals would then have two third rounders, a round that has worked out well for Arizona so far.

If those players are available, would trading back make sense?