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Chris Johnson planning on getting his share of carries in 2016

Andre Ellington not considered in "nice one-two punch."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson had himself a fine first half of 2015. He was one of the league's top rushers and was a big reason why the Arizona offense was so potent. David Johnson emerged late in the season after an injury ended Chris Johnson's season and Andre Ellington got hurt the same game. The younger Johnson (David) established himself as the clear starter with his play down the stretch, but with the veteran Johnson back on another one-year contract, not all the carries will go to the youngster. In fact, Chris Johnson expects a healthy dose of carries, it seems.

"He came on strong once I got hurt but we just both had a big year," Chris Johnson said of David Johnson (via ESPN). "Not sure how things are going to go but I'm pretty sure we'll have a nice one-two punch. He got his certain things that he do very well and I do thing that I do well. I think B.A. (coach Bruce Arians) will know how to get us both the ball."

The veteran seems to believe he could possibly push the younger Johnson and perhaps even start, although he did say "I'm not sure" when asked.

If it is going to be a healthy dose of Johnson and Johnson, that leaves Andre Ellington seemingly with little to no role on the offense.

Clearly, by turning down more money and likely a starting job, he believes he will get significant playing time here and can still achieve great things. He obviously wanted to be back. The question is how much playing time he will get if David Johnson becomes the focal point of the offense.