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Podcast: Arizona Cardinals NFL free agency preview

Show No. 110 is all about free agency and the Cardinals.

With NFL free agency a week away, it meant podcast time. Seth Cox and I recorded the 110th episode of Revenge of the Birds Radio and we talked about the Arizona Cardinals and what they might be looking to do once the new league year starts. It is one of our longer episodes, as there was a bunch to talk about.

We started with some of the new topics that came up -- Jonathan Cooper moving to center and what it means, Tony Jefferson getting the low RFA tender from the team and then Drew Stanton.

From there, we looked at the team's own free agents -- who should go, who should be brought back. Most of them were guys who can go.

Then we went over potential positions of interest -- safety, cornerback, guard and pass rush.

Who are potential targets? That was the final part.

What we both we pretty sure of, the Cardinals are likely to surprise us like in the past two offseasons. They made a splash with one player and then took it easy.

Have a listen and enjoy. Listen using the streaming player above or below. You can even download the show directly for later. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio. we are coming soon to Google Play, as well. Comment below with your thoughts on the topics we covered on the show.