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2016 NFL Draft order: Arizona Cardinals with very few picks this year

Arizona only has six picks.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL released the complete NFL Draft order on Tuesday. We already knew what picks the Arizona Cardinals have, but let's have a look at each of the six. They have no second round pick as a result of their trade for Chandler Jones and they also don't have a seventh round pick because of the trade for Matt Barkley. They have two fifth round picks, one being a compensatory selection.

Here are Arizona's picks:

Round 1, pick 29

Round 3, pick 92

Round 4, pick 128

Round 5, pick 167

Round 5, pick 170 (compensatory)

Round 6, pick 205

The first round of the NFL Draft will take place Thursday April 28. The second and third rounds will be on the 29th and the final four rounds are on the 30th. Day 1 begins 5 PM Arizona time. Day 2 begins at 4 PM Arizona time and Day 3 begins at 9 AM Arizona time.