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Sean Weatherspoon finds uncashed game check in move

That's a fun surprise!

Have you ever unexpectedly come across $20 in a pair of pants or in the couch you didn't know you had? It feels pretty good, right? Imagine finding an entire paycheck you never deposited. That's what happened to linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who left the Arizona Cardinals as a free agent to return to the Atlanta Falcons. In his move, he ran across a game check he never cashed.

It wasn't actually Weatherspoon. It was his girl. "Moving does have its perks," he tweeted.

Now, while we might have experienced finding a $20 bill or maybe even an uncashed check before, it probably wasn't ever for the amount Weatherspoon's check was. A game check for him would have been more than $140,000.

It was the one check that was a live check and not direct deposit, he explained. And of course, he added #blessed to his tweet back to someone who asked.

Good for him, but I can't imagine a life where I would miss $140,000 and not even notice it or need it.

We talk about first world problems. This goes far beyond that. It's rich people problems.