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2016 NFL mock draft: 5-round simulation lands Arizona Cardinals their future QB

What happens if the Arizona Cardinals get another chance to add a player that won't contribute in round one?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

There's an idea that mock drafts have to give fans the right players to be good. The reality is that mock drafts should give fans an idea of different scenarios that can unfold through the draft and a guess of how those scenarios will play out. So when Jess or myself produced a mock draft in 2015 that gave you offensive tackle in round 1, the comments said "this will NEVER happen" and two months later I laughed at you (Jess is too nice to laugh at you, I'm not).

The reality is no one knows on March 4, 2016 what will happen, but when the Cardinals pick on April 28, 2016 in Chicago (I'll be there) we'll be able to look back at one of these scenarios and see the path and how accurate we were with the position groups, I took OT in Rd1, DT in Rd2, RB in Rd3, WR in Rd4 and CB in Rd5. Only position I missed on was corner and OLB. The avenue we took was eerily similar, the names just changed.

In this scenario we're going to look at what happens if the Cardinals again draft for the future.

Round 1 Pick 29: Paxton Lynch, QB Memphis

Lynch has the size, movement and arm to be the "prototype" Bruce Arians quarterback. Lynch is somewhere on the Flacco to Big Ben scale of play making, arm and movement, which is important for Arians offense.

The issue with Lynch is simply he's got little work in a running an offense that Arians will ask him to run, he wasn't asked to make throws that Arians wants to make consistently and he'll need time to develop. Lynch needs time, Arizona can give him that and it can lead to something special... maybe.

Round 2 Pick 30: Sean Davis, DB Maryland

Davis is an incredible athlete, with the length and size to be the weapon Arizona wants on the back end of their defense. Miscast as a corner at Maryland, Davis looks like the big safety Arizona covets, who can cover but also continue to be a physical force in the running game.

Davis will be transitioning positions, but he has the skills to make it happen.

Round 3 Pick 30: Chris Jones, DT Mississippi State

The Cardinals want to get bigger, meaner and more athletic on the defensive line, Jones will be a guy who can add all 3 of those aspects.

When his motor runs hot, he may be one of the better prospects in the draft, but that's where he misses. Too often he doesn't use his length and strength to his advantage and instead is satisfied being on the field.

Round 4 Pick 30: Javon Hargrave, DT South Carolina State

The dreaded double dip, but with the lack of impact players at LB available, getting the incredibly impressive small school Hargrave is too much to pass up.

Outside of one game and the Shrine Game I haven't seen much of Hargrave, but his impact on those two viewings was enough to make him a permanent fixture in my mind for the draft. I can't help but see Darnell Dockett, a one gapping, interior terror who plays with his hair on fire, except he's 20lbs heavier that Dockett was as a youngster.

Round 5 Pick 28: Kolby Listenbee, WR TCU

You know Bruce Arians can't help himself, so I'm guessing Listenbee is one of the WRs who fits into the Arians mold based off his insane work at the combine, 4.39 40 yard dash.

He's a burner with good hands and a guy who tracks the ball well. He needs work in routes, but we know that won't worry Arians early.

The double dip at defensive line and no "edge rusher" may seem off, but getting the Cardinals depth on the defensive line will assist with those issues and getting high level players as opposed to guys who help tread water is something that can help. Not to mention getting that rangy, athletic safety as well as a potential quarterback of the future, this scenario could be a fun one.