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2016 NFL Draft: Podcast reviewing NFL Combine and a very unathletic draft class

Seth, Justis and Justin talk about the results of the NFL Combine.

You know you need another podcast to listen to. With the NFL Combine wrapping up early in the week, Seth Cox and the Draft Breakdown podcast team got together to talk about the winners and losers of the yearly event and talk about the draft class in general.

This episode discusses just how unimpressive this draft class is in general and how there appears to be no real stars. This class was on the whole very unathletic, too.

You will get some insight about some pass rushers and defensive talent, especially with some Cardinals interest. A guy I have started to like personally as a potential pick for Arizona is Emmanuel Ogbah. He had production in college and his combine numbers were decent, showing some explosion and speed. However, the player comp for him on the show is Kareem Martin, a guy the Cardinals took as a third round project and has yet to have much of an impact as a pass rusher.

Enjoy the show and get some interesting perspectives on several prospects. It is one of the few podcasts I listen to.