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2016 NFL free agency: Mario Williams reportedly seeking 10+ million per year

One of the targets of the Arizona Cardinals will not come cheap.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We have heard the name Mario Williams come up as a target the Arizona Cardinals will have in free agency, part of their quest to improve their pass rush. Recently cut by the Buffalo Bills, Williams is not seeking a bargain deal. He still wants to make money. If the Cardinals are interested as reported, it will cost a lot.

Per Bleacher Report's Jason Cole, Williams is willing to sign a contract right away if the team will pay him $10 million per year, as has told teams that.

Williams only had five sacks last season, his lowest total since his injury-shortened 2011 season. He was set to make more than $12 million in 2016.

Williams is not like other free agents. He was released from his contract and can sign with anyone at anytime. Players who will become free agents because their contract expires must wait until Wednesday at the earliest.