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Calais Campbell trade rumors are false, per local reporter

Maybe we all got worked up about nothing.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, when free agent rumors come around, sometimes it comes with trade rumors. A report came out Monday there was "word on the street" the Arizona Cardinals were shopping two-time Pro Bowl defensive  lineman Calais Campbell. Now it appears that word on the street is not the most accurate.

Local Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers is reporting, per a source, the Cardinals are neither shopping him, nor have they had any inquiries from other teams about him.

Campbell's contract does need addressing. He is due more than $9 million compensation this season and his cap hit is more than $15 million. Most of the talk this offseason has been about reducing the cap hit, but via a contract extension. It would not likely come as a pay cut.

Campbell has drawn criticism from head coach Bruce Arians about how much he dominates...or does not dominate. He still put up great numbers for a defensive lineman, but both Arians and Campbell would like to see sack totals in double digits and tackle numbers near 100.

Campbell had 68 tackles, 17 for losses, five sacks, 13 quarterback pressures 15 QB hits en route to his second Pro Bowl in as many years. He is a defensive captain.

The news of a possible trade seemed odd with the championship window the team believes it is in. Winning a Super Bowl without Calais Campbell seems odd. Trading him doesn't make the team better. It might make the business side of things better long-term, but it wouldn't help the team now. Yes, they have Rodney Gunter, a guy the team believes will be a star, who can replace him, but he is not yet as good as Campbell is now.

So expect Campbell to be around for a while longer.