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2016 NFL free agency: Drew Stanton returns to Arizona Cardinals for two years

Bringing Stanton back solidifies the quarterback position for a pair of seasons.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Despite it "not looking good" just a day ago, the Arizona Cardinals and backup quarterback Drew Stanton have agreed to terms. The team announced Tuesday Stanton will return to the Cardinals on a two-year contract.

Stanton, who has been the backup to Carson Palmer for the past three seasons, is now set to back him up for the final two years of Palmer's deal.

His new contract is worth a reported $6.5 million for the two seasons, an average of $3.25 million per year. He earned an average of $2.7 million with his last contract.

There were many things in play for Stanton. Were the Cardinals going to offer him enough money? Is there a team who would give him a chance to start? How long a deal should he go with?

By agreeing to two years, he lines up his contract so he will be a free agent again when Palmer's contract runs out, allowing him to perhaps re-sign again to be the starter, should Palmer retire. It doesn't lock him in to only backup money and allows him to perhaps get one more contract.

Arizona made re-signing Stanton a priority. If he had left, they would have been left with only Matt Barkley, who has never started an NFL game entering his fourth season, behind Palmer.

Did the Cardinals make the right move bringing Stanton back?