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Arizona Cardinals news 4/11: Photos of the week, Tyrann Mathieu knew Will Smith's killer

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Monday Cardinals and NFL links.

There isn't a ton going on in the world of the Arizona Cardinals, but there are photos of some cheerleaders. Plus, Bruce Arians is in the news for some comments he made.


Arians Statement On Moms And Football
Coach addresses comments made at local coaches clinic

Cheerleader spotlight: Alyssa L.
Images of Cardinals cheerleader Alyssa L from last year. Auditions for the 2016 team will begin on Saturday at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Cheerleader spotlight: Nikki
Images of Cardinals cheerleader Nikki from throughout the year

Cheerleader spotlight: Heidi
Images of Cardinals cheerleader Heidi from throughout the season

Top quarterbacks available in draft
Images of the quarterbacks projected to get drafted in late April

Cheerleader spotlight: Kaileigh
Images of Cardinals cheerleader Kaileigh from throughout the year

Larry Fitzgerald's first pitch at D-Backs opener
Images of wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald at the D-Backs' opener, where he threw out the first pitch

Cheerleader spotlight: Andrea
Images of Cardinals cheerleader Andrea from throughout the year

Top linebackers available in the draft
Images of the inside and outside linebackers projected to be selected in the NFL draft

Bruce Arians of Arizona Cardinals -- Moms afraid to let sons play football
Bruce Arians told high school coaches Friday that coaches must deliver the message, to mothers in particular, that football is safe.

Tyrann Mathieu says he knows alleged murderer of Will Smith |
Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu says he’s familiar with the man who allegedly murdered former Ohio State defensive end Will Smith in New Orleans Saturday night.


Seahawks Saturday: The Field Gulls Week in Review - Field Gulls

Allow me to take you on a whirlwind tour of the goings-on of the last seven days in the NFL.

No news, new narrative? - Field Gulls

What's been the theme of the Seahawks' offseason so far?

Garry Gilliam probably isn't Jason Peters but then again who the f#%! are we to judge? - Field Gulls

Tell me why!

Chip Kelly attended Stanford practice last week - Niners Nation

This is a week old, but I wanted to make sure and post something about it. College football teams have begun spring practice, and the San Francisco 49ers happen to be just down the road from...

49ers to meet with Maryland defensive back Sean Davis - Niners Nation

The 49ers could use more depth in the secondary. Sean Davis is an intriguing option as an in-the-box safety.

49ers roster 2016: Offensive line needs help from NFL Draft - Niners Nation

The 49ers did little to boost their bad offensive line in free agency and will need to look for help in the NFL Draft.

49ers opponents 2016: Cardinals have few holes going into NFL Draft - Niners Nation

The Cardinals didn't have a huge free agency period, but they didn't need one.