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Bruce Arians clarifies statement about football and moms

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He has taken a little heat for his comments.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has been in the news a bit for what he has said about the game of football and protecting it. First he called people fools if they don't let their kids play football. Then, speaking to local high school football coaches, he said they had to convince moms to let their kids play.

That wasn't taken well by some.

Those statements were interpreted by some as saying if you have doubts about letting your own kid play, it means you are a woman. It also suggests that men understand football, but women don't.

The criticism was enough to motivate Arians to make a statement to clarify what he said. He took to Twitter and shared this:

"Just to be clear about kids playing football, my point is that moms are often the ones making those decisions in a family. We have to make sure they're getting the message about everything being done to make the game as safe as possible. They're the ones we have to influence. It's a great game and it's even greater when it's played, coached and taught the right way. Everybody involved with the sport has a responsibility to make that happen."

Does this make things better for you, or did you even see s problem with his original statement?