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Tyrann Mathieu can't spend more than a couple of days in New Orleans, fears the vibe there

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He loves his hometown, but feels animosity and jealousy.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu has been very active on social media and in the traditional media after the tragic murder of former New Orleans Saints linebacker Will Smith. He has been very vocal about the current situation in New Orleans.

Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show, he spoke of the fear he has when he returns to his hometown.

Mathieu said "jealousy and envy play a big part" in the problems in New Orleans leading to violence, like the murder of Smith. He isn't comfortable staying more than a couple of days when he visits family.

"Every time I go back home, I cannot stay for more than two days," he said. "People know where you are, they know where you're at and they will find you, and they will bump into you and they will try and start any altercation with you.

"The thing they think is about is to take your life. They don't want to ask any questions. They don't want to talk. They just want to let loose with their gun."

The city is small and "everybody knows everybody," and that's why he gets in and out of town quickly.

He spoke of how few can get out of the culture of New Orleans. He says those who make out are like "a golden egg in a bucket."

"They all want a piece of that, whether it be your money, or whether they want to take something from you," he explained. He spoke of "a certain vibe" he feels when he is  in town. He feels the animosity and jealousy from the people around there.

It wasn't all just complaints and fear. Mathieu is now going to be very active in trying to help. He spoke of how rec centers and parks close. The Boys and Girls Club is still shut down after the hurricane. He is going to work to get those open and to help the politicians put funding into these areas so kids have somewhere to go.

It's a good start and we are seeing Mathieu begin to emerge as a national voice. Not only is he getting recognition for his play on the field, but it appears he is ready to step up and be for his hometown what Will Smith was up until his tragic death.