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Check out the 2016 Arizona Cardinals draft cap this year's picks will wear

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What is this year's hat?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

People like NFL gear. People like NFL Draft gear. Every year there is a new design for the caps the players wear when their names are called when they are drafted by NFL teams.

The new caps for this year's NFL Draft are out.

New Era Cap's exclusive On-Stage 59FIFTY hats are officially available for purchase. Whether you want to spend the money to buy one, we can see the design of this year's cap.

Here it is:

The cap has a gray bill and the glossy Cardinals logo, but the bill's underside has many colors and a red and white Cardinals logo. It has the same glossy logo on the front as last year, but last year's cap had the word "Arizona" across the underside of the bill.

We saw D.J. Humphries put on his Cardinals cap last year. Who will wear it this year?

The hats went on-sale and are available at NFL Pro Shop, and