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2016 NFL mock draft: Todd McShay's 'Grade A' mock nets Arizona Cardinals a center, quarterback

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Yawn. Another pick of Ryan Kelly.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Todd McShay usually tries to project picks for each NFL team when he puts together he mick drafts, based on need, what he hears from his people and the abilities of the players. This time it is different. He takes a different approach, acting as if he were the actual GM of a team and making the picks he would do if he were the decision maker for each team.

His latest mock draft is exactly that -- his "Grade A" mock. Picking for the Arizona Cardinals, he goes trendy and with a surprise.

In Round 1, he makes the pick everyone is making -- Alabama center Ryan Kelly. He is the guy he projects the Cardinals to make and he would take him himself. In Round 3, he goes with N.C. State quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

I thought about taking Paxton Lynch in the first round, but decided instead to solidify to center position. The Cardinals, who traded their second-rounder to New England for Chandler Jones, have made a point to upgrade their offensive line over the past few seasons; Kelly would give them another building-block piece up front to protect 36-year-old QB Carson Palmer. Brissett, meanwhile, has the tools and work ethic to develop into a good backup QB in the NFL. Given time to work under Palmer and learn from quarterback guru Bruce Arians, there's a chance Brissett could eventually emerge as an adequate starter.

The Kelly pick seems to be a logical one. It makes sense. The Cardinals have been using draft capital and free agent money to build up the offensive line and center is the one position yet to be really addressed.

But Brissett? I am all for drafting a quarterback, but while a third round pick should not be expected be a starter, why draft a quarterback when his ceiling is maybe adequate NFL starter. The team is looking for its next franchise guy. Any guy they draft needs to have that ceiling. They already have two backups in Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley. Like the Logan Thomas pick two years ago, draft one who has the potential to be the starter. That didn't work out, but the idea is the same.

Cardale Jones is on the board. If he is, he is the quarterback I take.

What do you think of the McShay picks?