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Larry Fitzgerald one of SI's most fashionable athletes, Patrick Peterson feels snubbed

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images

One Arizona Cardinals player made a list. Another is upset he is not on the list. Such is life, right? But this time it isn't about football performance, but rather fashion. put together a list of the 50 most fashionable athletes in the world. Larry Fitzgerald makes the list.

The panel of fashionistas, designers and models included the star receiver in their 50, which include male and female athletes from all sports.

This is what Fitz was quoted as saying about his fashion savvy:

My mom was a fashionista and would always dress very nice. I think that's how my interest in fashion began. Now, TV shows like Boardwalk Empire have given me some ideas of styles I want to try. I have a pretty classic style and don't usually wear anything too bold or crazy. During the season we have to wear suits on the road and I've grown to enjoy putting together my looks for game days. My go-tos are a few custom navy suits made by my clothier Chanda Ferrer of Elevee Lifestyle -- €”I could wear them every day. Nothing makes you feel more confident than a sharp suit and looking professional at games makes me feel like I'm there to go to work. You look good you play good, right?

Fitz does dress well. After games, he makes sure to get all fixed up before he meets with the media. He isn't the only one.

Patrick Peterson was not pleased he did not show up on this list. In fact, he said he was "insulted" he didn't make the list.

Peterson is also very conscious about how he looks. I don't know enough about fashion to say he is one of the 50 most fashionable among all athletes, but I would definitely consider him. He has casual and formal looks, sometimes wearing a hat and sometimes no.

Fitz being there is no surprise. Should Pat be on the list, too?