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2016 NFL Draft preview: Podcast covers Arizona Cardinals and pass rushers, linebackers and defensive backs

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Revenge of the Birds Radio wraps up its draft previews.

Revenge of the Birds Radio recorded another show this week and Seth Cox and I finish up our 2016 NFL Draft previews. In our latest show (No. 114), we focus on the rest of the defense -- the edge players, the inside linebackers and the defensive backs.

For each position group, we discuss who are the best prospects of the class and who won't even be available when the Arizona Cardinals make their selection in the first round with the 29th overall pick. Then we look at who might be on the board for their first pick, and from there talk about the later rounds.

One thing we see for sure is there are going to be a number of pass rushers available at the end of the first round, but because of demand for guys who can get to the quarterback, combined with what is considered a pretty mediocre class in terms of edge players, players who in other classes might be Day 2 or Day 3 picks are being pushed into the first round.

The inside linebacker class is less impressive. We joke about how Myles Jack might be the best player ever, but he won't even be close to being on the board when the Cardinals pick. Then we get insight about guys like Deion Jones, who could be someone to consider in the third round.

Among the defensive backs, there are a lot of both corners and safeties to consider. Seth gives us a bunch of names of guys who could be solid targets for Arizona.

You can listen using the streaming player above or below, or download the show directly to listen to later. The show is on iTunes (please subscribe and give us a five-star rating) and Stitcher Radio. Enjoy and comment below.