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2016 NFL schedule to be announced Thursday, what do we know about Arizona Cardinals?

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The actual schedule will be released later this evening, but discuss what we know.

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The NFL likes to keep its schedule release under wraps as long as it can, as inevitably the information gets leaked. On Wednesday, it was announced the schedule was done and the release was coming. The league later announced it would release the 2016 NFL schedule on TV Thursday evening.

Airing on NFL Network, the schedule will be announced at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Arizona time).

We already know who the Arizona Cardinals will play in 2016. We just don't know the order.

Here are the opponents:

Home: Seattle Seahawkss, San Francisco 49ers. Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and New England Patriots

Away: Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills

What else do we know about the schedule?

We know the Cardinals have requested to have consecutive East Coast games, so they can stay out there a week like they did last season.

We know they will have at least one Thursday Night Football game, as every team will participate in Thursday Night Football.

How many prime time games will there be? There are some almost guaranteed big-time matchups between the Panthers, Seahawks and Patriots. The Jets come to town, meaning former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles returns to face his mentor.

Surely the Cardinals will be on Monday Night Football at least once and on Sunday Night Football at least once.

For now it is all speculation, but in a few hours we will know for sure.