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Mike Sando: Arizona Cardinals should trade Michael Floyd to Los Angeles Rams

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The ESPN writer suggests trades that should happen.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are always a number of transactions that could happen but don't in the NFL offseason, and the ones that do frequently happen as we approach the NFL Draft. Teams trade players for picks and picks for picks. ESPN's Mike Sando wrote an Insider article suggesting draft trades that should happen because they work for all teams involved. The Arizona Cardinals are involved with one.

Sando says the Cardinals should trade receiver Michael Floyd to the division rival Los Angeles Rams for one of their second round picks.

The Cardinals' move to acquire Chandler Jones from New England left Arizona as one of two teams without a second-round choice in 2016. Philadelphia is the other, but the Eagles have a pair of third-rounders to fill the void. Arizona does not. The Rams have an extra second-round choice from the Sam Bradford trade last offseason. They also need a big wide receiver with greater upside and reliability than Brian Quick offers. Floyd would give them that.

This trade could make sense for Arizona if the Cardinals felt unsure about Floyd's future with the team beyond 2016, which is the final year of his contract. Is Floyd a clear-cut No. 1 receiver the team wants to pay at that level? Is he a player Arizona feels it absolutely needs to win a championship? Floyd has averaged 50 receptions for 845 yards and six touchdowns over the past two seasons.

The thought process is nice, but this is not a trade that should happen.

The idea of getting a second round pick back is nice, especially in a draft where the best value for the players you draft will come in Day 2. However, the Cardinals don't have another player on their team like Floyd. He has size and speed at receiver. He alllows Bruce Arians to do a lot of things down the field offensively. Plus you have to factor in how Larry Fitzgerald's contract runs out after this season. Do the Cardinals really want to head into 2017 without two of their best receivers?

Then there is the issue of trading him to the Rams. That would weaken the Cardinals while strengthening a division rival you have to play twice a year. With the Cardinals that close to what they believe is a championship, you don't get rid of weapons.

Sure the Cardinals could draft a receiver, but Arians himself has said how unimpressive this class is, and there isn't another Michael Floyd in that group.

By all accounts, it is believed the team would like to sign Floyd to a contract extension. They should not trade him. They should lock him up beyond this season.


And...never mind. LA has no second round pick anymore after giving up everything for the No. 1 pick. It was a dumb idea anyway.