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2016 NFL odds: Cardinals/Patriots Week 1 battle is a pick'em

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No one favored in the Sunday Night Football opener.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 NFL schedule out, there are some Vegas odds all set and ready for people to wager their hard earned money. The Arizona Cardinals open the season on Sunday Night Football at home against the New England Patriots. It should be a great game. On paper, it is fantastic.

It is so even a matchup that there is no favorite. The current line is a pick'em and and over/under of 51 points.

One, that is a lot of points.

Two, look at this tidbit:

The line definitely can and will move, but the fact that the Pats (a "public" team, as they say in betting terms -- people will wager on them simply because they are the Pats) are only a pick'em against Arizona tells you how far the Cardinals have come.