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2016 NFL predictions: Early record predictions for the 2016 Arizona Cardinals

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With the schedule out, we can start to make ridiculously early predictions.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We know the 2016 Arizona Cardinals schedule. We have known the opponents for some time. Naturally, it is time to make predictions for wins and losses, right? Of course!

We don't even know who will be on the roster yet, nor who the rookies will be, but we can have some fun.

Let me break down the games into categories first.

Expected win games:

Both home games against the 49ers and Rams fall into this category. The home games against the Buccaneers and Redskins qualify, as does the game at home against the Saints, although New Orleans could slip into the next category.

Games they should likely win, but could lose:

With how the 49ers and Rams look right now, the Cardinals SHOULD sweep both of them. However, we know division games are odd. The Cards will play the Niners on the road on a short week on Thursday Night Football. I almost would put that game as a toss-up, but the Niners still look bad.

They should beat the Jets on Monday Night Football, but it will be a highly motivated Jets squad playing for Todd Bowles, who will want to beat his former mentor in Bruce Arians. They should beat the Falcons in Atlanta. That team doesn't look significantly better and the Cards will want to avenge their loss in 2014. They also should beat the Dolphins. Arizona is much better on paper.

Lastly, the game in Buffalo they SHOULD win.

Toss-up games:

Both Seahawks games are like this. The Cards can't beat them in Arizona, but have won two of three in Seattle. Go figure.

The season opener against the Patriots should be considered a toss-up. Even Vegas thinks it is.

Week 8 in Carolina certainly is a toss-up. You can't expect a win there. Minnesota in November on the road is no given. They are physical and have talent, so that is one that could go either way.


Starting off in the division, I see 4-2. I think they sweep the Rams and split with both the Seahawks and Niners. That Thursday night game is yucky. They should go 5-1, but, as I wrote, divisional games are strange.

They get wins against Tampa, Washington and New Orleans at home.

They split their home games between the Patriots and Jets.

They win in Miami, lose in Carolina and split the games in Minnesota and Atlanta.

That's 11-5, being pretty conservative. 13-3 or 14-2 isn't out of the question.

How many wins do you think the Cardinals get? Where do you disagree with me?