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2016 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals trade back, land DT, Cardale Jones in full draft simulation

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Check out the latest simulation for the draft.

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The Los Angeles Rams shook up the 2016 NFL Draft with their trade up to get the number one pick. In the latest FanSpeak Premium mock draft simulation, the Rams unsurprisingly take quarterback Carson Wentz first overall. But what about the Arizona Cardinals? They end up trading back in Round 1 and draft a defensive tackle early.

See how this simulation plays out. Here are the full results.

`Using the big board, there were some oddities. For one, Ryan Kelly was very available, but far down the board. I don't expect him to make it to the Cardinals in Round 1.

When the 29th pick came up, here were the available players:

I wasn't in love with the top of the board, but there were a couple of guys I liked down the line -- Chris Jones, Cody Whitehair, Vernon Butler, etc.

But two teams came calling. One was the Titans, the other was the Ravens. Here is what they offered.

The Titans would give me more picks, but not great value. I chose the Ravens' offer, Those fourth round picks will be worth something.

When the fifth pick comes up, Whitehair is gone, which bums me out a bit. Here were the available players:

The decision is between Whitehair and Butler. I decide Butler. Whitehair is seen by some as being a potentially good center and a guy who can play anywhere on the line, but I still like defensive line with this draft. With the age of the Arizona line, I think Butler gives the Cardinals more impact both now and later. I also know I can get a center later on. So, Butler it is

2nd round: Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech

My next pick is the end of the third round, which is a long wait. I thought about trading up, decided against it. I was offered a couple of trade back offers, but I didn't want to.

Here is who was on the board for the third round:

I take...

Round 3: Xavien Howard, CB, Baylor

I don't love the running backs at the top and there is no need for a tight end this year, so the cornerback it is. He adds length and speed. he probably doesn't start as a rookie, but that's okay with a third rounder.

Now there are three picks in the fourth round.

Round 4: C.J. Procise, RB, Notre Dame

Bruce Arians wants "another David Johnson." Procise is that guy. He  is 6-0, 220 pounds and sub-4.5 speed. He has good hands. Perfect fit.

Now to the end of the round, with the 30th and 32nd picks.

Round 4: Graham Glasgow, C, Michigan

I address the center position with a guy who can play that and guard. He is taller than you like at 6-6, but he really improved under Jim Harbaugh.

Round 4: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State

I don't think he will really be available this late, but I am on the record as saying I think he is the perfect guy to draft this year at the position. High ceiling, needs grooming and the Cards have a couple of years.

At the end of the fifth round, here are the choices:

Round 5: Moritz Boehringer, WR, Germany

Arians likes speedy receivers later in the draft.

Round 5: Tyvis Powell, S, Ohio State

He adds length and speed to the secondary, but offers something different. He is not the downhill hitter like Deone Bucannon or Tony Jefferson. He is better deep, which the Cardinals need. His speed will help on special teams, too.

Round 6: Dadi Nicolas, DE, Virginia Tech

With the last pick for the Cardiinals, I get a project who might not be strong enough for the edge and might not be fast enough in the box, but he has skills and production. He's worth a sixth rounder if he can develop into anything or play on special teams.