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NFL rumors: Color Rush uniforms for 2016 leaked, Arizona Cardinals to wear...yellow?

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The polarizing colors will be featured again on Thursday Night Football.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The NFL Color Rush uniforms will be back again in 2016. According to the Detroit Lions president, every team who plays on Thursday Night Football will wear the highly colorful uniforms. There were four such games last season.

Apparently the color schemes have been leaked. Check out what the uniforms will supposedly be.

If you caught it, the Arizona Cardinals will have yellow uniforms.

The play the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football in Week 5. It looks like the uniforms will be bright yellow vs,. gold.

But yellow? Ewww.

The Cardinals already have a red on red combo and they already have a black combo. It appears the yellow is the color of the beak in the team logo.

If the red or black didn't work, perhaps they should have done white on white, something like the uniforms the Cardinals used years ago. But yellow? I don't know.

I am not skilled enough, nor patient enough, to play with Photoshop and show a rendering (someone feel free to do that and post it), but I cannot imagine it will look good.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the Color Rush looks? And the supposed yellow Cards jerseys?