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Tyrann Mathieu taking a break from social media

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Very interesting timing of it all

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals safety Trann Mathiwu has been very, very active on social media recently. He went on a rant about New Orleans and about the death of Will Smith, a former Saints linebacker. But then suddenly during the week, his account disappeared.

From what I could tell, NBC Sports 1060's Ed Cole noticed it first. ESPN's Josh Weinfuss found out more.

He is apparently taking some time off of social media. He suspended his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Weinfuss heard from Mathieu's reps there is no timetable for his return and the hiatus is not related to the tweets about Smith's death or New Orleans.

Mathieu went from being one of the most interactive with fans to not at all.

Perhaps he was asked to take a break by the team. After all, he had been tweeting some about his contract and money.

We can speculate about a million things. As a fan, hopefully he will be back soon. Things are more interesting when athletes tweet a lot.