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Bruce Arians' comments on moms and football have some validity

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The numbers bear it out.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was criticized quite a bit recently for some comments he made to a group of high school football coaches. He said how they have to convince moms about the safety in football, not the dads.

In both national and local media, his comments were debated and highlighted.

But maybe he had a point and he wasn't just out of touch with an entire generation.

Arians was honored recently and given the "Voice of Women" award by the Arizona Foundation for Women.

Considering the criticism, this is hilariously ironic, honestly.

But a comment he made in his speech was this:

Still over half of all football players entering the league are raised by only women, whether it is mom or grandma. So it isn't the dads who have to be convinced. Arians is right -- you have to convince the moms because so many of the potential football players are being raised by their mom and not their dad.

Did what Arians say come off as sexist? Probably. But there was a reason he said it. If football is going to continue to be great, moms need to feel it is safe. When more than half the football players out there are being raised by only a mom, you have to convince them, not the dads.