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2016 NFL Draft overrated and underrated prospects

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Emory Hunt joins the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast to talk prospects.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Cox and Justin Higdon had another NFL Draft Breakdown podcast and this show was about individual prospects -- who is overrated and who is underrated. They brought on Emory Hunt from Football Gameplan as a guest.

Who is overrated? Who is underrated?

According to Hunt, all the top quarterbacks are. He has Cardale Jones as his top-rated QB of the class and wonders why Carson Wentz has gone from a sleeper pick on Day 2 to the top pick in the draft, especially considering his on-field performance.

Justin says some pass rushers who have been mocked to the Cardinals in Round 1 a number of times are overrated -- Kevin Dodd, Emmanuel Ogbah and Kamalei Correa.

They talk about how Notre Dame receiver Will Fuller's reputation for dropping passes is overstated. Hunt says he has better hands than Martavis Bryant, who has been an impact player on the field (when he isn't busy off the field violating the league's substance abuse policy).

Listen to the show and share your overrated and underrated picks.