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Arizona Cardinals news 4/20: Character grades, draft impact and mofre

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Cardinals and NFL news for your Wednesday morning.

Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim and head coach Bruce Arians had their draft press conference, giving the media a glimpse into how they put their board together and what is new this year. Larry Fitzgerald also did a few interviews during the day. Here is what was written on Tuesday.


Draft Primer 2016: Running Backs
Cardinals in good shape at position and can afford to be picky

In Draft, Steve Keim Hopes To Make The Grade
Cardinals figure to look at center, cornerback; Quarterback of future a possibility

Michael Bidwill Makes Imprint Among "Four Bosses"
Panel discussion with owners of four local sports teams underscores Cardinals' success

Cardinals Blogs | Center may be college non-center
Options obviously open up a lot of possibilities for that first pick. Waiting on a center makes it easier to take a cornerback. Or a defensive lineman. Whatever Keim might want.

Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald deflects retirement question

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is in the final year of his contract, and he’ll turn 33 in August, just days before the start of his 13th NFL season. So it’s logical to ask if the 2016 season will be Fitzgerald’s last. But that doesn’t mean Fitzgerald has to answer.

Cardinals prepared to consider trading up, down from 29th pick - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

If the right situation presents itself, the Cardinals are prepared to trade either up or down in the first round of the draft.

Arizona Cardinals add new category to top 120 draft board for 2016 - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

In evaluating this year's draft propsects, the Cardinals have added letter grades for each player's football character and overall character.

Cardinals work overtime to complete their 120 board - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

It’s been a long and exhausting process for Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim, Head Coach Bruce Arians, and their respective staffs, but they’ve finally finished their 120 board, which is a listing of their top 120 prospects coming out in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Larry Fitzgerald is focused on 2016, not what could come after

It's no secret that Larry Fitzgerald is closer to the end of his career than the beginning.

QB of the future? Cardinals are looking for that guy, if there

The Cardinals would be more than happy to find a QB of the future, provided one is available for them at the right spot of the draft.

Cardinals add character grade to talent evaluation process

Character cannot really be quantified or graded, yet it's of the utmost importance when trying to determine how successful a player will be.


Taylor Decker plays too high for an NFL tackle but gets the damn job done -

Low man wins is a time-honored truism for offensive linemen. That rule doesn't seem to apply to the Ohio State tackle, but retired NFL defensive end Stephen White sees a guy who could still do the job, regardless of how high he plays.

NFL owners should join players in the fight to revoke Roger Goodell's disciplinary power -

The Kansas City Chiefs were the latest team to appeal to Goodell -- and lose.

Donald Trump dumps the Patriots for the Bills -

Elite pandering.

Nelson Spruce wants to prove being a NFL WR is about more than a 40-yard dash time -

Nelson Spruce is the all-time leader in receptions in the Pac-12, but underwhelmed at the 2016 NFL Combine.

2016 NFL mock draft: Houston Texans go with TE Hunter Henry -

Instead of getting a defensive or offensive lineman, the Texans get the top tight end in the SB Nation NFL writers mock draft.