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2016 NFL Draft: Character, impact, QBs, 2016 NFL schedule and Color Rush uniforms discussed in podcast

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Listen to the 115th show of ROTB Radio.

Seth Cox and I had a bonus Revenge of the Birds Radio show on Tuesday night. We had not planned on another show until next week when we will do our own mock draft of the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. But with the 2016 NFL schedule coming out, the rumor of yellow Cardinals jerseys for Color Rush on Thursday Night Football and then Steve Keim and Bruce Arians with draft comments, we had to talk. is a longer show -- almost 90 minutes.

We start with the 2016 Arizona Cardinals schedule and how it looks. We both think 11-5 or better is where we start in terms of record predictions. Which are the biggest games? Which are the toughest and scariest?

Then we take a few minutes to talk about the rumored yellow Color Rush uniforms for the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. While the rumor has been said to be false, it is very interesting. Why in the world would they give the Cardinals yellow? Seth and I talk about other combinations.

Then we get to the draft.

The Cardinals now incorporate two character grades in their evaluations. What does that mean and who might this affect in this class?

We talk immediate impact and look at he possibilities of the positions in Round 1. We think in terms of now and later, a pass rusher or a defensive lineman is ideal.

Then we talk quarterbacks, centers and safeties. Are there five or eight guys the Cardinals think would fit at QB in their system? Are there really five QBs with first round talent?

Maybe the center position should be looked at differently. Arizona has their eyes on guys who weren't necessarily centers in college.

We talk a little bit about T.J. Green and the safety position.

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