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Cardale Jones gets another look from Arizona Cardinals, Bruce Arians says he 'could become' franchise QB

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The team apparently is getting one final look atg the quarterback

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals appear to have interest in some quarterbacks in this year's 2016 NFL Draft class. One seems to have them doing some more homework. Ohio State prospect Cardale Jones, who has already visited the Cardinals here in Arizona, apparently is meeting again with the team in Ohio.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler wrote that the Cardinals are one of a couple of teams who will meet with Jones in Ohio next week, the week leading up to the NFL Draft. .

Arizona wants to set itself up for when Carson Palmer is no longer playing. Bruce Arians thinks highly of Jones.

According to ESPN's Josh Weinfuss, Arians acknowledges Jones' arm strength, but also says "he is a bright guy."

More importantly, Arians believes Jones  is "one of those guys that could become one of those guys." What he means is he has the potential to be a franchise quarterback.

Jones isn't the only quarterback the team has looked at. They have given Paxton Lynch some looks. They have visited with Lynch, Dak Prescott, Nate Sudfeld, Brandon Dought and Jeff Driskel.

But one thing to note, like with Logan Thomas a couple of years ago, the Cardinals believe in pulling the trigger early on quarterbacks they feel in their hearts will be good. With guys who could be, they draft a little later. However, where Thomas really struggled to learn the offense and the pro game, Arians praises Jones' ability to learn, noting how bright he is.

Jones does come with many question marks. He doesn't have much starting experience. He was the starter and was benched during his last season at Ohio State. People wonder about how much he loves football and question his character, especially after comments made by Urban Meyer recently.

But beyond all that, it would appear Arizona is very intrigued with Jones.