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2016 NFL Mock Draft: What if a great WR fell in Round 1?

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We've seen almost every scenario of mock drafts, but what if the Cardinals add to a strength?

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It's interesting as we get closer to the draft we see more and more names surfacing for the Arizona Cardinals as "targets". The one name and for that matter the one position we never see mocked to AZ is wide receiver. I think there's a two fold reason for that:

1. Arizona has a really nice depth chart at WR.

2. More position than any other Bruce Arians can make chicken salad out of chicken... Well you get the idea.

So investing in a WR at all, little alone early, makes no sense. But what happens if the right WR falls? What happens if a player that can replace the on the field presence of Larry Fitzgerald, this version of him, falls to 29? Could getting a player for 2017 and beyond be the right play?

Here is this "what if" mock:

Round 1 Pick 29: Laquon Treadwell, WR Ole Miss

While this may cause fans to run screaming, think about the future for just a moment. The Cardinals have John Brown and JJ Nelson under contract for 2017. That's it. Michael Floyd and Jaron Brown are free agents. Larry Fitzgerald's contract is up. The Arizona Cardinals are a talented roster where getting a player that impacts things in 2016 is going to be difficult. But what about 2017?

Treadwell was a top 5 talent until he struggled to get back to his pre-broken leg self. He didn't run fast in a straight line. Yet, he does everything as a WR well. What if he was the heir apparent to Fitzgerald in the slot? The big WR who is a really good blocker and can get you the djrty yards underneath opening up the deep ball?

Round 3 Pick 92: Sheldon Day, DL Notre Dame

Day is good player without an NFL position, which makes sense for the Arizona Cardinals. He has similar qualities to Mike Daniels of Green Bay, who Arizona pursued a couple of seasons ago.

Day isn't quick enough to play outside consistently or strong enough to anchor as a true interior player, but with AZ's affinity for hybrid fronts, he's a player that could make sense and have an impact in a rotational role in 2016.

Round 4 Pick 128: Kevin Byard, S Middle Tennessee St

Byard reminds me of Tyvon Branch, just the healthy version. He's a thick, athletic safety with ball skills, but will get pegged as an "in the box" safety by those not willing to let him learn.

He's versatile and will contribute on special teams immediately with starter upside.

Round 5 Pick 167: Isaac Seumalo, OL Oregon State

The Cardinals brass talked about finding a center in the draft, but said they may not necessarily be a college center. Enter Seumalo, who has played center, guard and both tackle positions while at Oregon State.

He's an excellent athlete but shows a good ability to anchor in pass pro as well. He could offer the versatility to be a swing back up interior player in 2016 and push for a starting job in 2017.

Round 5 Pick 170: Kalan Reed, CB Southern Miss

Reed is not well known... Yet. He wasn't a combine invite, but he's got good size, great speed and plays a physical brand of football that will adore him to his teammates and fans. He's one guy I have learned more about the last week that really intrigues me for Arizona.

Round 6 Pick 205: Tyrone Holmes, Edge, Montana

Read this...





Kalan Reed

Tyrone Holmes

That's the haul in this penultimate mock draft before I give my actual pick.

This is the last scenario of the year for the Arizona Cardinals draft.

What's your favorite idea?