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David Johnson would be 2nd RB picks in redraft, considered 'franchise-changing'

He would be the second back taken in the draft, coming only after Todd Gurley.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals really like what they have in running back David Johnson -- and they drafted him in the third round. In a recent "redraft" of last year's draft, he would have gone much higher.

According to's Gregg Rosenthal, Johnson would be a top-10 talent and should have been taken near the top of the draft.

Looking at the crop of running backs from last year's draft, Johnson would have been the second one off the boar behind Todd Gurley of the Rams, and he is considered, along with Gurley, to be a "franchise-changing" back.

David Johnson was the seventh running back drafted last year. You could argue now he'll be one of the best seven players in the entire draft. Like Gurley, Johnson is a rare complete three-down running back.

There aren't many NFL starters that can get low with power in goal-line situations and break a linebacker's ankles while running a route from the slot. In Johnson's first career start, the Cardinals set a season-high in yards. That same game: He scored a touchdown playing wide receiver and put up 120 yards from scrimmage. A few months later, Johnson was practically the only Cardinals player that performed well in the NFC Championship Game.

Johnson's two most famous plays show off his incredible versatility. His Beast Mode-like run against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football displayed Johnson's power and introduced him to America. His incredible third-down catch on a throw behind his body is the forgotten gem that helped the Cardinals beat Green Bay in the Divisional Round.

Johnson will be the unquestioned starter for the Cardinals in 2016, and that is saying something when they have both Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington on the roster. There are big hopes for him in Year 2.

Remember when Andre Ellington was the guy Bruce Arians wanted touching the ball 25-30 times a game? David Johnson is a bigger, better version of Ellington.

Will Johnson take the next step and be one of the best running backs in the league in 2016?