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2016 NFL mock draft: Trades for all the teams, including the Arizona Cardinals

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The Cardinals trade back and get an extra third rounder.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

One thing some Arizona Cardinals fans would like to see the team do is to trade back in the draft and pick up an extra pick or two. In a mock draft put together by ESPN's Bill Barnwell, instead picking players, he makes trades for every team.

What is the trade for the Cardinals?

They trade back from the 29th pick overall. They trade their pick to the Indianapolis Colts, moving back 19 places to the 48th pick and gaining an extra third round pick -- the 82nd pick overall, giving them two picks in the third round within 10 selections.

Likewise, the Cardinals sent their second-round pick to the Patriots as part of the Chandler Jones trade, so they're missing a selection. They're sufficiently stacked and can consider trading down to focus on depth instead of trying to add that one final piece, having made that move by trading for Jones. They'll be able to add somebody at center such as Notre Dame's Nick Martin at No. 48, or could opt for one of the second-tier cornerbacks to provide depth with Tyrann Mathieu returning from a torn ACL. The Colts would be trading up to go after a pass-rusher at the bottom of the first round, with Kamalei Correa likely to come off the board somewhere around here.

This year's draft class has a lot of middle round talent. Picking up an extra third rounder is good. If they do in fact land a Nick Martin in Round 2, it is not a bad deal because they get a guy who could take over at center and also two shots at another third round stud.

It is trading back a ways, but would it be worth it?