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Tony Jefferson says he would have been undrafted again this year

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The former undrafted rookie believes he would not have been drafted in this class either.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson has already made a nice career in the NFL. He went undrafted and made the team out of training camp. Now,  entering his fourth season, he is a sometimes starter and key contributor to the Cardinals defense. And while it disappointed him to only get the low tender offer as a restricted free agent, he is going to make more money this season than he ever has.

Jefferson believed he was going to be drafted in 2013 when he came out of college. That is what people told him. It didn't happen. And now, many years later, he thinks he would have been in the same boat.

Jefferson was talking NFL Draft on Twitter on Saturday and one fan asked him where he would have been drafted this year.

We all know there is no eighth round. That means undrafted once again.

The question came again and he answers with an explanation.

He ran a 4.75-second 40-yard dash at the Combine. That is below average speed at safety. He is a little shorter than ideal. He was not overly strong, benching only 16 reps at the Combine.

He is right. He didn't test well.

But as he has shown, it is not a requirement to be drafted to be successful.