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2016 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals and their new draft philosophy

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We've seen the Cardinals draft for need and for the future, but what does a team so close do for the 2016 draft?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are in a weird place. They have a dynamic roster that lacks talent at the 2nd level on the depth chart at some positions or for 2017 if certain players are not re-signed.

Look at the wide receivers, as they could be down to just John Brown and J.J. Nelson in 2017. Look at the inside linebacker position. Look at the age on the defensive line. Look at the center and right guard position. You look at the roster for 2016 and you see a team that can do something special. You look at the roster in 2017 and you see that there are areas that will be immediate needs.

Now, you look at what the Arizona Cardinals have created and you have to love the team and the roster, but it brings up an interesting question: Do the Cardinals draft in round one for a player like DJ Humprhies who can help in a year, or do they draft for impact in 2016?

The Cardinals didn't need to draft a right tackle in 2015, but they knew if they left the position open, it created an additional immediate need in 2016, and they saw where that could cause issues.

Does Arizona look for a CB or DT who may be a day two talent but are options because they are the positions that could make an impact in 2016 without injuries?

Look at names like Artie Burns and Eli Apple, would they really be the best talent at 29?

What about a Jonathan Bullard or Jarran Reed?

When you get to the point of being a good team like the Arizona Cardinals are, it becomes a question of philosophy. Is playing for the here and now more important than continuing to build for the future?

It's a nice question to ask, and certainly a different problem to have than what we are used to as Arizona Cardinals fans.

Which way do you lean?