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2016 NFL Draft: My favorite prospects for the Arizona Cardinals

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Players from the 2016 class at every position that fit what Arizona wants to do, and even if they don't, I think they'll be good football players.

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It's always easy to talk about prospects you like, to rank them and to the pass off those names as hits and misses. If I ranked David Johnson as a top 75 player in the 2015 draft, I didn't by the way, I get to claim him as one of "my guys", but if I didn't rank him that high I get to pass it off as "didn't have enough film, information, etc" to explain away why such a talent was overlooked. Instead, just say you missed, I was concerned about DJ's ability to run with power and through arm tackles, cause he didn't need to at NIU. I was wrong and couldn't be happier by the way.

To avoid these types of things I like to give a list of guys I would take on my team no matter what, that I'll go to bat for, and that I'll be wrong about but know going in I'm going to be stubborn about it. For instance, Geno Smith in 2013 was a guy I believed in, didn't work out, while Blake Bortles makes me look smarter every year.

What about this year, in a class thin on talent?

Here are "my guys" for the 2016 NFL Draft.

QB- Connor Cook

This is not a shocking name if anyone has read my Twitter or ROTB rants, I think Cook is going to be a quarterback that you can contend with. Don't ask him to be your offense, just let  him be a function of good talent and coaching, a la Andy Dalton (this isn't his "comp" by the way).

RB- Derrick Henry

May be a cop out, but I like Henry, think he's being undervalued and will be a consistent, productive runner in the NFL.

WR- Leonte Carroo

Carroo is a big, strong WR with good hands and the ability to win short to open up the long game. I hate comparing players to Anquan Boldin, but Carroo is a similar style player.

WR- Jordan Payton

He's a similar prospect to Carroo, but times a little faster. Having a combination of Payton and Carroo gives a team two good players that can win short and in the intermediate, but also after the catch.

WR- Kolby Listenbee

Speed to spare... Give me speed.

TE- Thomas Duarte

Duarte is an H-Back more than a TE, but he just gives you another weapon and option.

OL- Cody Whitehair, Christian Westerman, Nick Martin, Isaac Seumalo, Taylor Decker

A nice mix of athleticism, technique and badasses, that's what I want on my offensive line. Whitehair, Westerman and Seumalo all can play multiple positions on the offensive line as well.

DL- Willie Henry, Javon Hargrave, Chris Jones

Length, strength and athleticism. That's what I want from my defensive linemen. That's what these guys have.

OLB- Noah Spence

He's not a force player, but I still think he's going to be an 8-10 sack a year guy.

OLB- Charles Tapper

I don't even know if he's gonna be an OLB, but give me an athlete like Tapper to figure it out.

ILB- Deion Jones

He's got some on field similarities to Daryl Washington. Plays with his hair on fire, but also can drop into coverage.

ILB- Josh Perry

Perry was the enforcer on a talented Ohio State defense. He looks like a two down run stopper in the NFL that has the athleticism to stay on the field as he gains an understanding of the NFL passing game.

CB- KeiVarae Russell

The talented corner looks comfortable playing in press coverage, and shows the athletic ability to stay outside in the NFL.

CB- James Bradberry

Bradberry is a big corner with excellent  athleticism. He may transition to safety, but I think he can start outside.

S- Sean Davis

Davis is similar to Bradberry in the size, speed area, but he has a history of playing both corner and safety. I think Davis goes higher than many expect and ends up thriving.

S- Kevin Byard

Byard is one of my favorite prospects in this draft. While he has some struggles and will have a big leap, he's got the athletic make up to be a player sooner rather than later.

Names I love but left out cause they are going to be top picks: Wentz, Zeke, Shepherd, Treadwell, Fuller, Nkemdiche, Bosa, Lawson, and Ramsey.