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2016 Draft: One final Arizona Mock Draft

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Mock drafts are fun aren't they? We can be the GM for once, and do our own trades and draft the players we want. It rarely works in reality...but who cares right?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I love mock drafts. Don't you?

They're so easy to do. Heck, there's a website that we have all used called Fanspeak where you can do your own for free. It's ridiculously fun.

I've done probably 40 or so mock drafts on there over the past couple months, with varying results. Using boards that national pundits have put out there is tough. Honestly, if Steve Keim could only let me borrow his board for a second...

But we don't have his board. We all have an idea of some positions. But we don't know for sure.

So, I'm going to give it one more go round. If this version or my previous has any of the players go to the Cardinals, I'll be thrilled. Kind of like I was 2 years ago when I predicted they would go Cooper and then Tyran Mathieu in Round 3. I also said the next year they would trade back and take Deone Bucannon. You don't have to believe me. I got lucky, as last year I didn't get a pick right.

I felt a little better when I read someone's 7 round mock that was a writer in Arizona. He wasn't close either.

And I check into a couple of full round 1 mocks. I think the most I counted right was like 7 or 8.

What's so crazy is often the picks that were mocked were the right position, but the wrong player.

And then I saw this tweet. And I said what the heck.

Round 1, Pick 29: Trade Back with Cleveland for Round 2, Pick 1.

Using a trade chart, I determine that it would only cost Cleveland a 4th rounder, so the 99th selection it is (they actually have 99 and 100, but hey they're moving into round 1, so it's the least they could do...)

All the players that I think the Cardinals might covet are gone: Sheldon Rankins, Darron Lee, Noah Spence, Ryan Kelly, Paxton Lynch, or really any of the DT Tackles, like Billings or Butler. Not to mention William Jackson and Mackenzie Alexander are off the board. I can easily see the draft going this way.

Yes, the Cardinals don't have a huge need, but picking up a 4th round pick could make this deep roster deeper. Injuries have killed the Birds the last couple of years, and Cleveland sees a QB they want still there, like Connor Cook for example.

So the pick? It might surprise you

Round 2, Pick 1 (32): Shilique Calhoun, DE, Michigan St.

Surprised? Don't be too shocked. Calhoun was a two time team captain, and was an All-American 3 times. There's a reason for that. He's a leader on and off the field. The more I read about him the more I think the Cardinals might like him.

So now, the Cardinals have two fourth rounders (what essentially amounts to a late third rounder with New England and Kansas City forfeiting picks).

Don't be surprised if: they pick a defensive back, such as Keanu Neal or TJ Green (who the Cardinals very own Tony Jefferson picked for Arizona in the first round in his mock draft.)

Also, we can't count them out from trading up if Myles Jack falls really far. Or they love a guy like a Sheldon Rankins maybe. But I don't think they'll do that.

Next, they take their next pick on a versatile player from Maryland.

Round 3, Pick 30 (92): Sean Davis, CB/S, Maryland

I've heard that they like Davis via Mike Jurecki. He was actually discussed on a recent First Draft podcast. Mel Kiper loves him (being from Baltimore) and Todd McShay doesn't at all. Thinks he's overrated. I trust Steve Keim though, and if he makes it past 60 and 61 with New England (apparently he was watching tape with Bill Belicheck), I think Arizona gets him in the third. Maybe even trades up to get him.

Don't be surprised if: They go with a defensive tackle. Peter King hinted that Arizona might like a guy like Jihad Ward. So I could totally see that here. Or if Javon Hargrave somehow falls.

So now...what to do with that extra 4th round pick? Arizona has to wait through all of the compensatory picks, but then they take a guy that a lot of us think they've wanted all along...

Round 4, Pick 1 (99): QB Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio St.

What a way to start day 3. Arguably one of toughest guys to pin in this draft, Cardale could go in the 2nd. He could go in the 6th. We really don't know. But given that Arizona flew out to see him, and if he were to still be here in real life, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them draft him here.

Now, back to the normal draft order. I believe the Cardinals make only 1 move in this draft. They don't have a lot of capital, and since they draft in the later parts of the rounds, it's likely they could only pick up 1 pick anyway. It's possible they move up in round 1 if they see a guy they like a lot (for example, I've seen Vernon Hargreaves fall lately), but I think they can wait honestly.

Don't be surprised if: They don't take a QB at all. Or if Jones isn't there. They would probably take someone to develop him for 2 years anyway. At this point in my mock, I haven't give the Cardinals any defensive line help either, so they could look to a deep class here too.

And in round 4, I hope they have a guy that I'm really hoping that they draft:

Round 4, Pick 30 (128) Kevin Byard, S, Middle Tennessee St.

I penciled in Justin Simmons here, but something tells me he won't last this far. Byard has gone relatively unnoticed thus far, but I believe someone like the Cardinals would notice him for his obvious skills, even at a lower tier FBS School.

The Cardinals always like high motor guys, and this is a playmaker. Byard's tackling is his main concern, but that can be taught. He's fast though (4.44 40 time) and that cannot be taught. And in the Cardinals scheme, he can take his time and learn from some great guys.

Don't be surprised if: You've never heard of any of their picks from this point forward. At this point, teams are shooting for the moon and not necessarily starters. If it works out for them, like it did with Rodney Gunter, then it works out. If not, not much is lost.

And in round 5, they show why they can wait, as they add to the depth on their defensive line:

Round 5, Pick 30 (169) Greg Milhouse, DT, Campbell

We all know that the Cardinals will do two things in this draft: 1. Draft a team captain and 2. Draft a small school guy. it's just what they do...

But this actually fills a need. He looks like a genuine find for them in the middle rounds, kind of like Rodney Gunter last year. He provides depth and helps out Frostee Rucker late in the season.

Now for that compensatory selection:

Round 5, Pick 33 (172): Kyle Friend, C Temple

He's a guy who was a team captain, and the coaches love his work ethic. I can easily see the Cardinals drafting a guard or even a tackle and making him a future center, but they could get someone who plays kind of like Lyle Sendlein and be content with that.

Now for their last pick...

Round 6, Pick 30 (207): DJ Foster, WR, Arizona St.

He worked out in the offseason with some Cardinals I believe. The Cardinals took a gamble on a RB who used to be a WR last year, why not take a chance on a guy who used to be a RB and is now a WR?

Well there you have it. Whew, I'm exhausted. But I'm so pumped for the draft this Thursday. What do you guys think? Any picks you like? Don't like?