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2016 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals reach for LB Deion Jones in ESPN writer mock

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The position and player is a fit. Is it worth Round 1?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

You are probably done and sick of mock drafts, but this is the week for all the mock drafts. ESPN's beat writers put one together and the pick for the Arizona Cardinals was an interesting one.

ESPN's Josh Weinfuss, who covers the Cardinals for the worldwide leader, chose for the Cardinals. When his turn was up, Alabama center Ryan Kelly was on the board. So was Ohio State safety Vonn Bell. Instead of them, he goes with LSU linebacker Deion Jones.

Jones is a guy who would fit the Cardinals defense quite well, whether it is subbing in for Kevin Minter on passing downs to pair with Deon Bucannon, or replacing Minter now or after this coming season, when Minter is a free agent.

However, Weinfuss thinks of Jones as a pass rusher opposite Chandler Jones.

So the obvious question is why do they need Deion Jones? He'll help solidify a pass-rush corps that needs all the help it can get opposite Chandler Jones.

And this are Weinfuss' thoughts from the actual mock draft results.

He's got the size and speed to immediately come in and be an impact player, adding depth to the Cardinals' outside linebacker/pass-rushing corps. But Jones also has the ability to cover receivers and tight ends in space. And with more teams spreading out their offenses, especially against Arizona, this will be a trait that could earn him significant playing time.

But I have not seen any projection of Jones being a 3-4 outside linebacker.

At 6-1 and 222 pounds, he is far too light for the edge, at least the way the Cardinals like their outside backers. They like 260 pounds and bigger -- guys who can get off the edge as a pass rusher and can set the edge in run defense.

As an inside backer, I really like Jones. But in the first round? I don't know. He has the speed and athleticism, and he is not afraid to get his nose dirty, but this seems like a classic "reach" pick.

At the same time, we don't know how the Cardinals have players ranked on their draft board.

If they are looking for an inside linebacker, Jones is a good pick. Darron Lee would be the best pick at the position. He does a lot of the same things and has about 10 more pounds, but he was off the board at 17 in this ESPN mock.

Deion Jones? What do you think?