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2016 NFL Draft results, picks, tracker and live reactions

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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It is draft day! The 2016 NFL Draft is here and the picks are coming. There will be players who rise and fall. There will be reaches and value picks. We think there will be trades and lots of talk of quarterbacks. There will be 31 players whose dreams of the NFL will have come true tonight.

The Arizona Cardinals have the 29th pick overall, so we will be waiting for a while, and it is possible they end up trading out of the round, meaning no pick tonight.

In the meantime, keep it here. We have a pick tracker. We have my Twitter feed embedded. At some point, Seth Cox, who is in Chicago attending the draft, will Periscope the event. I will see if I can get that up. If not, I will at least tweet it on my timeline.

Get the picks and the reactions here, and react yourself to the action of draft night!