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2016 NFL Draft results: Who is Robert Nkemdiche the player?

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What the Arizona Cardinals are getting in the uniquely talented Ole Miss product?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I talked about it a couple weeks ago, but the Arizona Cardinals got one of the four trump cards in the draft in Robert Nkemdiche.

He has the ability to be a special player on the Darnell Dockett/Muhammad Wilkerson spectrum at the top end. Bottom end, well you do worry about if he can stay on an NFL roster.

What did the Arizona Cardinals get in Robert Nkemdiche?


- Elite athlete on the field and at the combine

- Able to move both laterally and upfield to make plays

- Excellent finisher, not just a disruptor

- Can two gap when needed

- Showed a nice progression of pass rushing moves

- Played his best when his ego was tested

- Build and athletic ability are rare


- Off field questions

- Motor ran too cold for ability at times

Overall: If you question the Nkemdiche pick just turn on the 2015 Alabama game. No single player played as well against an Alabama offense.

The question is simply, can you get that effort out of him all the time.

He's an overall intriguing an insightful guy, but he doesn't always focus that on the field.

This is the concern, with Nkemdiche, can he be the guy who takes his passions and learns to focus them on game day? If so, he's a top 5 player in the draft and may end up being the best defensive front seven player in this draft.