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2016 NFL Draft grades: Robert Nkemdiche is an A+ pick for Arizona Cardinals

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This could not have gone better for the Cardinals.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have not won any games in 2016, but the first round of the NFL Draft went very well for them. They were able to get a top-five talent at the end of the first round. What grade should they get after one pick and one round?

Maybe I'm being a homer, but I give this pick an A+.

I have said for weeks the perfect scenario for the Cardinals in this draft would be to take a talented defensive lineman. It is perhaps the only position where a player can have a good shot at making an impact in 2016 and beyond.

The line is aging with Calais Campbell, Frostee Rucker and Red Bryant, not to mention a younger Corey Peters who has two reconstructed Achilles. They needed youth and explosiveness. They got that.

Nkemdiche, in terms of talent, might be the best defensive lineman in the draft class.

So the Cards score highly with talent and value -- they got a top talent at the end of the round without having to move up.

They also got flexibility, as he can play all over the line. He should be able to immediately be part of the rotation. Beyond 2016, he should be a dominant force for years to come like Darnell Dockett was.

They fill a need with a value pick and top-end talent. He can impact their hopeful 2016 title run and into the future.

How do you give this pick anything other than an A+?