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"Mocking" The NFL Draft-The Funniest Moments from the First Round

Ready for Round 2 to start? Before you do, here's some of the funniest twitter posts from the 1st round of the NFL Draft

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

With Round 2 about to kick off in a few hours, ROTB has your recap for some of the best and funniest moments on Twitter during last night's NFL draft.  Here are the best of the best:

Goff's Giant Fail

So Goff is a noted San Francisco Giants fan, and with his selection by a now-Los Angeles-based team, fans started finding old tweets on his account that paint a less than favorable photo of his new city's baseball team:

Oops!  Fortunately, Puig responded this morning with a generous offer:

A Rose for Eagles Fans

Mmm...Krispy Kremes.

Stop, Pop, Crop Top!

Ezekiel Elliot made an...interesting statement about half-jerseys in the Pros and NCAA.

Those shoes with that jersey?

Looks like Ramsey and the Jags' pick last year had more in common than we thought. GM Dave Caldwell must have a thing for snazzy kicks.  Hey, if the shoe fits...

Also, Jags QB Blake Bortles had arguably the most "bro" tweet ever welcoming his new teammate:

Ronnie Stanley--Dabbin' On 'Em

Gotta love Goodell getting booed and also dabbed on, especially in a night where Laremy Tunsil might have been selected here if he hadn't (ouch).  Roger getting booed for every pick was something most NFL fans enjoyed too.

Leonard Floyd Wishes You Were Here (in Chicago)

The Crying Laremy

And of course, It wouldn't be the draft or Twitter without the Crying Jordan meme. And perhaps no athlete deserved it more than Tunsil who fell to 13 after said video.

Shaq Attack!

The Bills went with Shaq Lawson, a "Shaq" who, while probably won't be someone of O'Neal's character, will lay down the law.

"Dearest Martha....."

Meanwhile, the Colts option was to put protecting Andrew Luck, who looks like a Civil War general at times, at the center of their attention.

"That Pass Rush is GOLD, Jerry, gold!"

Some Seinfeld humor came as the Cardinals selected Robert Nkemdiche out of Ole Miss.  Hopefully Nkemdiche's career will end up better than Michael Richards'

And finally, this jumping agent was all of us watching that awesome first round last night.

Enjoy the humor during the draft?  So did we!  Follow us for more coverage of the 2016 NFL draft!