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Arizona Cardinals legends to announce Day 2 pick(s) for Arizona Cardinals

One old-timer and a player from the recent past

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Day 2 of the NFL Draft isn't nearly as fun as Day 1 when the first round done. The NFL keeps the intrigue up a little bit by having team "legends" announce the picks for teams. In previous drafts, the Arizona Cardinals have had Aeneas Williams, Larry Centers, Adrian Wilson and Roger Wehrli announce picks on Day 2.

This year, the Cardinals are set up to have former linebacker back in the early days of the Cardinals in Arizona, Eric Hill, and kicker Jay Feely, who kicked four seasons for the Cardinals, from 2010-2013.

Hill was drafted in the first round in 1989 by the Phoenix Cardinals. He started in the middle of the defense for nine seasons. He had at least 90 tackles in eight of those nine seasons. He had over 100 in five of them.

Hill was set to announce the Cardinals' second round pick and Feely their third round pick, but since the team traded their second round pick to acquire pass rusher Chandler Jones, it is likely both Hill and Feely will announce the 92nd pick overall, when the Cardinals next make their selection.