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Robert Nkemdiche plans on Panther hunting, not panther shopping

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The Cardinals coach and team president put the kibosh on getting an actual Panther.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals first round pick Robert Nkemdiche is a different guy. He recently made headlines on social media when he explained his plans after the draft. He wanted to sign his NFL contract, treat his family and then get a baby panther.

A baby Panther?

He wouldn't be the first Cardinals defensive lineman to have an odd pet. Former Cardinal Darnell Dockett had a pet gator and allegedly had a pet tiger.

But it appears those plans are on hold.

When Nkemdiche was introduced to the Arizona media on Friday afternoon, one reporter asked if the newest member of the team if he is going to go shopping for a panther.

Head coach Bruce Arians didn't let him say much. Nkemdiche said, "I haven't had any time to think about it yet -- eventually." But Arians interrupted, saying "Game 8."

Team president Michael Bidwill added, "In Charlotte."

Wait...the Cardinals will play the Carolina Panthers in Week 8.

Nkemdiche took the advice from his bosses and confirmed his panther target -- "Game 8 in Charlotte."

I think the Cardinals might have convinced him to not go panther shopping, but rather Panther hunting. There is a big one who likes to dab he can target as his prey.