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2016 NFL Draft results: How do you grade surprise Arizona Cardinals pick in 3rd round

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Will Williams turn into another third round gem?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals seem to draft one "who is that" player every year. In 2014, it was John Brown. It 2015 it was Rodney Gunter. They took Texas A&M cornerback Brandon Williams on Friday in the third round.

What do we know?

He is 6-0 and fast, registering a 4.3 40 in physical testing. He was a running back until last summer.

Bruce Arians called him one of the best special teams players in the nation and a guy who will have "an immediate impact on special teams" this season.

He is raw and likely isn't going to play much on defense. When asked if Williams would compete with Justin Bethel for the starting job, Arians answered saying Williams would "be competing with everyone." In other words, don't expect him to be a starter.

He is a surprise. What grade would you this pick?

One more day and four picks to go. Are you ready?